Foxthoughts, all you need to know!

Foxthoughts, all you need to know!

My team and I are excited to prepare these yarn bundles for you. I wanted to let you know how and what to expect. We have gotten a lot of emails of inquiry about Foxthoughts yarn bundles and I'm here to try to give you as much information as possible before the official launch on November 23rd.

La Bien Aimée, Tolt Yarn & Wool and Brooklyn General Store will be offering the initial bundles for Foxthoughts. My stockists will be listing their pre-order before us! Read more below...

We will be offering Foxthoughts yoke bundles plus single skeins of Helix for main color. 


La Bien Aimée will be operating in an update fashion for each batch of yoke bundles we prepare. Since each kit has 12 or 13 different colors in the yoke, there is a lot of preparation that goes into each bundle. We're up for the challenge; patience is the name of the game here! :) 

La Bien Aimée will be listing our first update for Foxthoughts on November 23rd at 3pm (Paris time). We will change the time of each subsequent update to make it more time-friendly for knitters around the world. 

On top of this we are in the midst of a strict confinement in France. Though we are lucky enough to be able to keep working while being socially distant, this has lowered our production levels vastly. This means that it takes us a longer than usual to dye and prepare the yarn to be put online. We hope that you will join us in the joy of knitting Foxthoughts.  We plan to dye lots of yarn bundles for you all.

I have created a breakdown of the colors and number of skeins of Helix/Felix for each size offered. We will be offering yoke bundles that you can use either with the original main color or you can choose your own main color from the colors we offer on helix. The yoke bundle will have what you need to knit either the cardigan or pullover. 

I know this seems overwhelming, but I’m here to help with any questions you may have concerning the yarn.  Please email us with all your questions at

The sizing for Foxthoughts Pullover can be found here:

The sizing for Foxthoughts Cardigan can be found here:



Briar Rose Bundle 

The version that Bintou is wearing features a beautiful yoke using 13 colors of Helix minis which is a luscious blend of Falkland Merino and Gotland wool. Incorporating clever color-play of the perfectly heather base, we dyed our popular repeatable colors on Helix minis to create this unique palette called Briar Rose


Pom Pom Fluo Bundle

This version that Justin is wearing features 13 colors of La Bien Aimée in Helix and Felix Minis. Our new base, Felix, is a white non-superwash base that blends Falkland Merino and Corridale.  It marries perfectly with its sister yarn, Helix. The two sisters play cheerfully with colors and textures in the neon-marled yoke to create this beautiful Pom Pom Fluo bundle.



The Foxthoughts collection will be going live on November 23rd. 

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