New Foxthoughts yoke bundles: Grellow and Cliff & Shore

New Foxthoughts yoke bundles: Grellow and Cliff & Shore

Another month, another Foxthoughts update yay!! This time, we are very excited to announce that we have dyed two new color palettes for the Foxthoughts pattern! These will be available for our Foxthoughts update this Saturday January 23rd at 6pm (Paris time).This Saturday, we will be bringing back the Pom Fluo bundles and introducing our two new palettes: Grellow and Cliff & Shore! 

La Bien Aimée Helix Cliff & Shore Grellow


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Our Grellow palette is of course inspired by our love of all things yellow and grey! Our new Grellow bundles contain these colorways: Ooyoo, Rust, Kokko, Goldenrod, Ash, French Grey, Stone, Sandstone, Yellow Brick Road. 

 Grellow Foxthoughts worn by Zach Wilder in La Bien Aimée Helix

For the main color, we recommend French Grey, like Zach used in his sweater, but here are some other colors that would look amazing with this palette: Stone,  Direwolf, Ash, Rust and of course... Yellow Brick Road! 


Cliff & Shore is our blue-green palette, reminiscent of earth and sea. It contains the following colorways: Amege, Anemone, French Grey, Jonna, Kitsune, Kokko, Parchment, The Shire, Undergrowth, Vespa and Winterfell. 


For the main color, we recommend using Smoke, but Aimee also recommends   Amege, Kitsune, Stone and Hegelia. 


We are also bringing back our super popular original sweater bundle featured on the cover of Pom Pom magazine, issue 35

Pom Fluo palette includes: "Hella", French Grey, Seaglass, Ash, Sandstone, "As If", Anemone, Fluoro Morganite, Stone, Hyacinth, Vespa, Hegelia, Isle of Arran, Undergrowth. 


For the main color, we recommend Undergrowth, as in the sweater that Justin wears in the photos. Other recommendations for MC would be The Hotness, Winterfell, Gaji, Emeline and Smoke (our dark tonals really make this palette pop). 

Briar Rose is coming back this time but in limited quantities. If you are interested in seeing it in the next update, please click this link to send us an email requesting Briar Rose bundles and we will bring them back for you! Mention Briar Rose in the subject line! 

 Just one last thing we would like to add, we love making these Foxthoughts bundles and we will keep offering them on a monthly basis, but these bundles are extremely labor intensive to produce and make, and La Bien Aimée is still working at a limited capacity because of the Covid19 pandemic restrictions. We will do our best to keep offering these bundles, but we would also like to hear from you and know which bundles you would like to see again offered on our online store. Please do not hesitate to email us at with your questions about the yarn bundles. 

The next foxthoughts update is Saturday, January 23rd at 6pm (Paris time). Here is a direct link to the Foxthoughts collection



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