New Princess Mononoke colors: Mononoke and Evergreen Forest

New Princess Mononoke colors: Mononoke and Evergreen Forest

This 1997 Japanese blockbuster tells the story of a young warrior prince, Ashitaka, who travels to a magical forest to be cured of an evil curse. On his travels, he encounters an ongoing conflict between Princess Mononoke, a human raised by the wolf god Moro, and a village of humans ravaging the earth. Like many of Miyazaki’s films, Princess Mononoke explores the eternal tension between nature and human destruction through an incredible use of color.


The color Mononoke is inspired by the princess herself, who wears the pale beige fur of a wolf on her back, and whose fair skin bears brown tribal markings and the scarlet smear of animal blood. The base of this color is variegated, and blends pale beige through a warm, light gray and into a cool brown. Speckles of midnight blue, forest green, rusty brown, and blood red decorate this colorway.



The color Evergreen Forest takes inspiration from the magical forest that is home to the great forest spirit who shapeshifts from the form of a deer to that of a giant nightwalker. Miyazaki based this magical place on the ancient forests of Yakushima, a Japanese island. The base of this colorway blends a very dark and lucious forest green with a very warm mid-tone green, and it’s touched by a very light dusting of rusty speckles.



As our Miyazaki collection continues to expand, we have split the colors into their own product pages based on the film that they are inspired by. You can find these two brand new colors on the Princess Mononoke page. Click the images below to discover the new additions and revisit all our previous Miyazaki colors.



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