RGO stands for...

RGO stands for...

In the knitting world, we have our celebrities. Some are designers, some are shop owners, yarn dyers, podcasters... And one person is known the world over for her absolute passion for the color orange. 

Gaye Glasspie, also known as GGmadeit, also known as the Iconic Orange Lady, is a knitter, blogger and an important voice in our community. Her wise words on her Instagram and blog articles have helped us become better as knitters, and as human beings. Phrases like "Stand in the Gap", "If you think you can't, you won't" or "It's not hard, it's new" have resonated with so many of us! 

A couple of years ago, GG and Aimee met and she had something to tell Aimee: La Bien Aimée didn't have a really good orange! Needless to say, this stuck in Aimee's mind and was added to her list of new colors to invent (it is long and ever expanding). GG sent Aimee a moodboard to serve as inspiration for her perfect orange. Believe it or not, orange is not an easy color to dye! So it took a while to get to that color, this orange that isn't neon, isn't red, isn't coral, isn't pink... 


When it came time to name that color, Gaye's words kept echoing in Aimee's mind: "a really good orange"... Really Good Orange! RGO! While creating RGO, Aimee was reminded of one of her tops from Ace & Jig, the brand she loves. It is made out of a textile called Tomato, with orange and red stripes. This is how this second color came to be: RGO Tomato. It is RGO with more red in it, and bridges the gap perfectly between RGO and one of our new Miyazaki colors, Calcifer

For our fade lovers out there, RGO, RGO Tomato and Calcifer form an incredibly vibrant fade. When you add Aimée's Flashy Lipstick and Sari at the end, you get a real wow factor! So please welcome the incredible RGO Fade! Now available on Merino Sport

GG, thank you for what you bring to us. La Bien Aimée is so happy to offer this Really Good Orange as a tribute to your beautiful and generous spirit. 


Thank you to everyone who took part in the guessing game on Instagram! Most people guessed really close, like Really Great Orange or Really Gorgeous Orange or Really Groovy Orange, which technically is not the right answer... A few guesses were amazing too, like Radical GG Orange, Ready Glow Orange, Ridiculously Glowing Orange, Red Glows Outstandingly, Ruth Ginsburg Orange, Rouge Got Owned, Red Gods of Orange, Red Goes Overboard... It was incredibly fun to read all your suggestions. 


RGO will be available starting on July 16th at 4pm (Paris time). 

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