The Miyazaki Collection is now available on Silk Tweed!

The Miyazaki Collection is now available on Silk Tweed!

If our existing palette of Silk Tweed wasn’t exciting enough, the Miyazaki Collection is joining the group! These multicolor and speckled colorways add a whole new dimension to the soft, nubby surface of La Bien Aimée Silk Tweed.

If you are already familiar with our Miyazaki colorways, you will see that they are brighter and a bit more saturated on Silk Tweed. 

You can find each of these special colors on under the name of the Studio Ghibli film which inspired it.

From the movie Spirited Away, Haku, our newest color is soft purple and green, joins Chihiro & No Face, a riot of color set off by dark blue.

Inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, the firey tones of Calcifer and the bright floral shades of Howl & Sophie.

Totoro & Mei takes its tonal greys with splashes of pink and yellow from My Neighbor Totoro.

From Princess Mononoke, Evergreen forest is all about vegetation, while Mononoke’s beige and brown of wolf fur are brought to life with slashes of scarlet.

In Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Nausicaa takes its colors from its namesake, focusing on brown and lilac. Sea of Decay swirls with deep emerald, lilac and bright lime.

These three shimmering colors are from the movie Ponyo. Ponyo & Sosuke captures the soft rainbow of the main characters’ energy. Fujimoto shifts from light aqua and lilac into deep ocean blues. Granmamere marries the two, with light peach and aqua to purples.


Our 12 Miyazaki colors join 36 fabulous existing colors on La Bien Aimée Silk Tweed, plus Noir & Blanc.

With all of these colors, there are so many possible combinations! The highly variegated and speckled colors of the Miyazaki collection pair beautifully with our existing solids. We put together some color palettes that we think really sing! 

(top to bottom)
Sea of Decay
Chihiro & No Face
Howl & Sophie
Fluoro Morganite

    (top to bottom)
    Ponyo & Sosuke
    Peach Sweater
    Mount Fuji


    (top to bottom)
    Totoro & Mei
    Olive Juice
    Yellow Brick Road
    Evergreen Forest


    No matter what colors you pick, know that La Bien Aimée Silk Tweed is the perfect choice for all your hot-weather makes. Not only does it have a soft feel, but its tweed texture adds dimension and depth to any project. It is very breathable, yet warm, it keeps moisture away from the body, and is perfectly comfortable to wear next to skin.

    Not sure what to make with our crisp, built-for-summer Silk Tweed base? We have a Ravelry bundle just for you with designs we know would look lovely in La Bien Aimée Silk Tweed. 

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