Faire Magazine


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Faire is a new, independent magazine available quarterly. Each issue will be filled with considered, intimate, meaningful stories that bring you inside artists homes and creative spaces. To share stories of slowing down, creating with intention, community and collaboration, examining the twists and turns of creative lives and how to finally find your voice.


Issue Four is the most recent issue of Faire Magazine and explores a number of different mediums. The artists live and work in some of the most beautiful corners of the earth. We explore a heritage weaving atelier in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland; an award-winning female chefs home tucked away in a Swedish forest. We go behind-the-scenes inside Sennelier, the celebrated Parisian art store; we meet the impresario of a historical Black dance hall in Mississippi and we step inside the Daylesford kitchen of Australia’s foremost expert on fermentation. We meet the artist who has transformed a vast early 20th-century mattress factory into a design studio in North Carolina; and a magical woodworkers workshop inside an 18th-century Mallorcan Finca; and we go to Boykin, Alabama to interview and meet five Gees Bend quilters and so much more.


Issue One features stories about American fiber artist Trish Andersen (On Cover), Italian photographer & ceramicist Zaira Zarotti, American fashion designer Christine Alcalay, French hatmaker Jon Cha of Agave Road Hats, French artist Lydia Rump, and Canadian artist & creative mentor Kim Klassen, amounst many others.

Issue Two features 18 of the world's foremost talent in craft, creative and fine art, such as Linda Lomelino & My Feldt (On Cover); Philippa StantonEmma CassiDomino Whisker; Adriana Meunie and Jaume RoigNathalie Lété and Angele FougeriolChris Bramble and Freya Bramble-CarterLa Maison du PastelMarie VarenneEmiko Davies and Kingsley Walters

Issue Three explores the mediums of fibers (embroidery and textile design); fine art (painting, printmaking, sculpture); craft (jewellery making, ceramics, woodworking), cooking (recipe development and food photography), creative entrepreneurship and heritage savoir-faire.


This magazine is in English.

Printed in Germany // 144 Pages // soft cover

Paper FSC certified // vegetable ink

Published by Ruth Ribeaucourt, The French Muse.