Laine Magazine: Issue 9

Laine Magazine

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Laine welcomes you into the world of Nordic knit life. 

Laine includes patterns from the leading knitwear designers, insightful, long-format stories from the world of wool, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes and strong, visual storytelling.

Issue nine, 1833, which was shot in the beautiful Finnish archipelago includes:

· 140 pages
· 13 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: Fiona Alice, Rachel Brockman, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Aleks Byrd, Renée Callahan, Verena Cohrs, Elly Fales, Whitney Hayward, Marianne Munier, Lavanya Patricella, Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre, Susanne Sommer and Becky Sørensen (please see the full list of yarns featured below)

· an interview with Lavanya Patricella
· a long-format story about Petra Mikaelsson from Fru Valborg
· my story by Kristine Vejar from A Verb For Keeping Warm
· a column by Jeanette Sloan
· seasonal recipes
· a travel guide to Munich, featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop


Laine vous transporte dans le monde du tricot scandinave.

Laine vous propose des patrons des designers les plus connus, des reportages pointus et souvent en long format sur le monde de la laine, des interviews, des articles passionnant sur les voyages et des recettes de saison, le tout dans un style visuel et editorial typiquement nordique.

** Magazine en anglais.**