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La Bien Aimée

Corrie Confetti

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La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti is a brand new limited edition yarn made from recycled fiber and threads from our mill and atelier. We have started offering small exclusive batches of Corrie Confetti through fall and winter. Every batch will be a single color,  so grab it while you can, as there may not be more of that color produced for a good long while!

Available now 2022: Aimée's Peach Sweater. One of my favorite things about developing a new product is how it makes me focus on just one color, and all the things I associate with it. When it comes to our new spring 2022 colorway Peach Sweater, my mind is immediately drawn to memories of taste and smell. Corrie Confetti Aimée’s Peach Sweater is the tender, toasted flesh of a white summer peach baked into a tarte Tatin....

Combining Corrie Confetti Aimée's Peach Sweater with Mohair silk Peach Sweater would produce the most faithful result, but I also think that using Aimée’s Shawl would create a light marled color, and the result would be absolutely beautiful. I am also excited to announce the release of a brand new color, Flash Fluo, exclusively on our Kumo base! If you’re looking  to deepen the base tone of Corrie Confetti Aimée’s Peach Sweater, I find that Bois de Rose does so in a way that highlights the pink tones, whearas Dawn highlights the soft orange tones, and Clay deepens the base in a more neutral way.

Mallard is based on male mallards are easily recognised by the iridescent green plumage that covers their head and the bright flashes of teal that decorate their wings. This makes the mallard a perfect namesake for this strikingly complex new color, which is spun with a recycled mix of fibers in bright yellows, pastel pinks, deep blues, and many other colors.

Try combining Confetti Mallard with Mohair Silk in Jonna , Emeline , Isle of Arran , or The Shire to play around with the different tones present in Confetti Mallard...

Nightfall is based on La Bien Aimée best-seller, Winterfell, and is a very dark blue base with fun neon color threads. Match it with Mohair Silk in Winterfell, Amege, Alcide Herveaux or Fog to skew the color in different directions. Any of our other blues will add beautiful shades to your fabric, such as Nebula and Isle of Arran. 

Greybow, is an explosion of bright colors on a neutral background. The base color is a warm grey with rainbow colored recycled threads. It's both neutral and bright, moody and happy, but always soft and squishy. Want to pair it with a thread of Mohair Silk? Then choose Stone! 

Ochre, batch #1  - September 2021 (sold out)
Greybow, batch #1 - December 2021 (sold out)
Greybow, batch #2- January 2022 (sold out)
Framboise, batch #1 - February 2022 (sold out)
Nightfall, batch #1 - March 2022 (sold out)

Mallard, batch #1 - May 2022

Greybow, batch #3 - May 2022

Aimée's Peach Sweater, batch #1 - June 2022


Corrie Confetti has been one of Aimée's passion projects for the last year or so. A brand new yarn, it is a one of a kind limited edition yarn comprised of a mix of recycled natural fibers that include upcycled La Bien Aimée yarn and custom dyed Falkland Corriedale. A sister yarn to Corrie Worsted, this super soft base contains 50%  of dyed Corrie Worsted, and the rest is recycled fibres from the mill and colorful yarn waste from our dye studio and atelier. Confetti has a a slight thick and thin aspect to the yarn due to the recycled yarn bits that create the "Confetti" effect. It can be used for patterns that call for worsted weight or DK. You can mix it easily with Corrie Worsted

Each spin of Confetti will be different, this means that one batch may be lighter or darker, please take this into mind when purchasing for your projects. 


 La Corrie Confetti est une toute nouvelle laine, une édition limitée unique en son genre composée d'un mélange de fibres naturelles recyclées dont des restes de laine La Bien Aimée et de la fibre de Falkland Corriedale teinte. Cette base d'une grande douceur contient 50% de Corrie Worsted teinte dans un coloris exclusif, et le reste est un mélange de fibres recyclées de notre filature et des bouts de laine colorés récupérés de notre studio de teinture et de notre atelier. 

A partir de l'automne 2021, nous allons commencer à proposer des quantités limitées de Corrie Confetti. Chaque lot sera d'une seule couleur, alors profitez-en tant qu'il y en a, car il se peut qu'on ne fasse pas reteindre ce coloris pendant un bon bout de temps! Il y a eu Ochre, puis Greybow et Framboise. Le dernier né de la famille Confetti s'appelle Aimée's Peach Swearer, il est inspiré de notre coloris Peach Sweater! Mariez-le avec un fil de Mohair Silk pour un rendu unique et d'une douceur exceptionnelle.  


230m (250 yds) for 100g

50% Falkland Corriedale, 30% Natural Recycled Fibers, 20% La Bien Aimée Recycled Threads

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