Comfort Fade Cardi bundle - Pre Order

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €256.50

This is a La Bien Aimée yarn bundle for Andrea Mowry's design, Comfort Fade Cardi in our Merino DK base.

Andrea has found another way to fade! This oversized cardigan is super cozy with its garter shawl collar. The Reverse Stockinette makes a stunning canvas to fade on for a unique cardigan in your wardrobe. 

Your bundle will contain: La Bien Aimée Merino DK (100% wool; 230 meters /115 g) in the follwing fades:

Winterfell fade: Winterfell, The North, Patagonia & Dusk 

Vespa fade: Vespa Graffiti, Vespiopeia, Drea & Cassiopeia
Grellow fade: Yellow Brick Road, Grellow, Quail & Peerie Tokki
Totoro fade: Undergrowth, Drogon, Peerie Tokki & Totoro & Mei
Jinju fade: Jinju, Stonecrop, Fiori & Winter
(New) PB & J fade: Peanut Buttter & Jelly, Calliope, Andromeda & Cassiopeia

For size 1 (XS/S/M), there will be 7 skeins.
For size 2 (L/XL), there will be 9 skeins.
For size 3 (2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL), there will be 11 skeins.

Please note that the photo is not representative of the quantity of skeins in the bundle you select. It is representative of the fade you are purchasing. 

This is the yarn kit for the Comfort Fade Cardi. The pattern is not included in the bundle. The pattern is available on Ravelry:

Please note: This is a pre-order. Your sweater bundle will begin to ship out two weeks from the date you ordered.