Sugar Sweater Bundles

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €155.00

La Bien Aimée Helix is featured in the new sweater design, Sugar by Julia Wilkens. She has created the perfect polka dot sweater and we are thrilled to offer custom bundles for this new pattern, in both Helix and Felix.

Julia used two super fun color combos for her own sweater, and the one she knit for Aimée. Anemone and Seaglass are a pastel dream made in heaven! Fluoro Morganite and Coquelicot together create a really 80s vibe. We are also offering some more classic color pairings, like Bleu Royal and LBA Yellow, or Yellow Brick Road and Winterfell. Avoine and As If on Felix, on the other hand, combine neutrals and neons for a really striking result! 

Julia Wilkens is an exciting and talented knitting designer from Germany who lives in Amsterdam. Her first career in contemporary art is obvious in her modern aesthetic and graphic style. Her beautiful Orchid cardigan caught Aimee's eye a while ago with its brioche body and casual drop shoulder design. 

MC (main color) is the color used for the background of the sweater and CC (contrast color) is the color used for the polka dots in the sweater. 

The Sugar pattern is also available on Julia Wilkens website.

 La laine Helix de La Bien Aimée est utilisée pour tricoter le pull Sugar de Julia Wilkens. Elle a créé le parfait pull à pois et nous sommes ravis de proposer des lots de laine spécialement pour ce patron, dans nos bases Helix et Felix. 

Julia Wilkens est une créatrice de talent, née en Allemagne et vivant aux Pays-Bas. Sa première carrière dans le milieu de l'art contemporain est visible dans son esthétique moderne. 

L'abbréviation MC (couleur principale) désigne le coloris utilisé pour la couleur de fond et CC (couleur contrastante) désigne la couleur des pois.

Le patron Sugar est également disponible sur le site de Julia Wilkens

Here is the list of colors we are offering:
- Helix Fluoro Morganite: Fluoro Morganite (MC) / Coquelicot (CC)
- Helix Anemone: Anemone (MC) / Seaglass (CC)
- Helix Quartz Fumé: Quartz Fumé (MC) / Highgarden (CC)
- Helix Winterfell: Winterfell (MC) / Yellow Brick Road (CC)
Felix Bleu Royal: Bleu Royal (MC) / LBA Yellow (CC)
- Felix LBA Yellow: LBA Yellow (MC) / Sansa (CC)
- Felix Stone: Stone (MC) / Seaglass (CC)
- Felix Avoine: Avoine (MC) / As If (CC)


We are offering these color bundles in three different size ranges:

Size 1: sizes XS, S and M (contains 3 skeins of MC and 2 skeins of CC)

Size 2: sizes L, XL, 2XL (contains 4 skeins of MC and 3 skeins of CC)

Size 3: sizes 3XL, 4XL and 5XL (contains 5 skeins of MC and 3 skeins of CC)

 Yarn Content: 
Helix: 75% Falkland Merino 25% Gotland Wool / 650m (710 yds) for 100g
Felix75% Falkland Merino, 25% Corriedale / 650m (710 yds) for 100g


Please note: The photo does not represent the number of skeins included in the bundle, just the two colors in the bundle. 

These bundles do not include the pattern. The pattern is available for sale on Ravelry

 Note: La photo ne représente pas le nombre d'écheveaux compris dans le lot de laine, seulement les deux coloris utilisés. 

Ces lots de laine ne contiennent pas le patron. Le patron est disponible à la vente sur le site Ravelry