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La Bien Aimée

Aliquot Bundle - La Bien Aimée

Aliquot Bundle - La Bien Aimée

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Aliquot by Susan Chin is featured in Neons & Neutrals: A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée!

Aliquot is a cowl that mixes knitting and crochet. You can choose to combine both techniques, or do it all in knitting, or all in crochet. Any way that you choose, Aliquot will make a stunning cowl...

"Working up a fabric using multiple strands gives a drape and plushness that’s unique to the combination of bases used. I knew a lace-weight held double would be a great match for crochet. Using one strand of lace with a slightly heavier base together in the knit section does two things: allows for colors to gently transition, creating continuity from section to section; and the change in base combinations gives the knit section a little extra plumpness.”

Please note that these bundles contain enough yarn to make sizes 1 and 3 (single loop), in order to make size 2 (double loop) you will need to adjust your yardages according to the yarn requirements. For full yardage information, please consult the Neons & Neutrals Errata.

 You can find our other bundles that mixes different brands with La Bien Aimée: Aliquot Bundles.

Original Peach Sweater: 2x Felix Peach Sweater, 1x Helix Peach Sweater, 1x Helix Lichen,1x Merino Super Sock Peach Sweater, 1x Merino Super Sock Lichen.


Felix: 75% Falkland Merino, 25% Corriedale, 650m (710yds) for 100g.
Helix: 75% Falkland Merino 25% Gotland Wool, 650m (710yds) for 100g. 
Merino Super Sock: 75% Merino, 25% Nylon, 425m (467yds) for 100g.

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