Autumn Tides Shawl bundle

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €118.75
The Autumn Tides Shawl is a brand new design by Tyne Swedish, also known as @clevereststitch on Instagram, featuring La Bien Aimée's Merino Super Sock and Cashmerino bases. This gorgeous shawl starts with a beautiful solid color lace section, and then grows into a stunning textured border in a 5 color fade. 

Tyne's original color combination features Caramel as the main color, and a beautiful moody fade built around Tidal Sands. 

The pink palette is a brightly speckled explosion of fun with Sari as the main color and a fade that starts with brand new color Julia and fades into Bone. 

The grey palette contains La Bien Aimée's newest blue-grey fade with Mist, Storm, Payne's Grey and Fog, ending with our darkest color, Alcide Herveaux. The main color is Highgarden. 

Original: Caramel / Sanho, Tidal Sands, Pyogo, Peerie Tokki, San Tokki. 
Pink: Sari / Julia, Ichigo, La Belle Epoque, Fiori, Bone. 
Grey: Highgarden / Mist, Storm, Payne's Grey, Fog, Alcide Herveaux. 

These bundles are offered in Merino Super Sock 100g and 50g, and in Cashmerino 100g and 50g for a super luxe treat. Each bundle contains one skein of 100g and 5 skeins of 50g.