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ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Set Medium


Without VAT: €90.00

If you've been looking for an alternative to double-pointed needles or magic loop knitting for small diameter projects we have the perfect needles for you!

The ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties is a set of mini interchangeable, circular knitting needles that were made for working small diameters such as sleeves, hats, and mittens without the need to change between needles or pull a cable through. The Lace tips provide precision without being hard on the fingers. 

Included in the set are two lengths of needle tips and three lengths of cables. 

Needle sizes:

  • 5 sets of 2"/5cm long: US 4 (3.5mm), US 5 (3.75mm), US 6 (4mm), US 7 (4.5mm) and US 8 (5mm).
  • 5 sets of 3″/8cm long: US 4 (3.5mm), US 5 (3.75mm), US 6 (4mm), US 7 (4.5mm) and US 8 (5mm)
  • 3 small diameter cables: 5″/13cm, 6″/15cm & 8″/20cm,

The set also includes:

  • a blue, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch,
  • a secure tip sleeve, with needle size labels,
  • 2 cable stoppers,
  • 4 tightening keys,
  • 2 cable connectors (which allow you to join two or more cables together to get a longer cable)
  • 6 stitch markers,
  • 1 mini needle gauge and ruler