CocoKnits Sweater Care Kit

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €70.83

La Bien Aimée is excited to now offer these CocoKnits Sweater Care Kits, which contain everything you need for handwashing and blocking your hand-knit items and all of your fine hand-washables.

The kit is perfect for blocking seamless sweaters or accessories which do not require pinning, as well as for washing and drying seamed sweaters, either hand-knit or store-bought.

This kit contains:

  • Two fine mesh, zippered laundry bag (Small: 8" x 12" x 8", Large: 8" x 22" x 8")
  • One large super-absorbent towel (dimensions 36" × 60")
  • One super-absorbent grid towel, inches and centimeters on opposite sides (dimensions 40" × 40")
  • One mesh pop-up dryer (dimensions 28" × 34" opened, 11" diameter folded)
  • A bottle of unscented Eucalan wash (Attention: An expiry date of 2019 is printed on the bottle due to legal requirements. But Eucalan has no expiry date and can be used any time after 2019.)
  • Jute bag (dimensions 15" × 12" × 5")