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La Bien Aimée

Onyx Happy Accident

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Happy Accidents: Now 15% Off!

At La Bien Aimée, “Happy Accidents” are skeins that came out a little different than the intended color, but still look beautiful. In this collection you won’t find defective or faulty yarn (these are what we call unhappy accidents, and are recycled into little pieces for our Corrie Confetti yarn.) 

Happy Accidents can occur when colors come out too dark or light, when they lean too cool or warm, or when speckles are too heavy or light. In other words, not quite right to go by their original color name, but perfect for your next knitting project that will make everyone say “I love that cardigan, what a gorgeous color!”

Happy Accidents are now 15% off across all our yarn bases! You can find other Happy Accident bases in our new Happy Accident Collection.

The best thing about Happy Accidents is that they are limited edition, not reproducible, and completely unique. Each time you knit with a La Bien Aimée Happy Accident, you are supporting our commitment to reduce waste, embracing the unique beauty of the hand dyeing craft, and even saving money too!

Please note that as products in our “Petits Prix” collection, Happy Accidents are not eligible for return or refund.

With the same composition and meterage as our Mohair Silk, this base can be easily substituted into any pattern containing Mohair, the only difference is that the silk core has been dyed black, giving our colors an even richer depth of shade.

We’ve found that knitting it with a light coloured yarn gives the fabric a cool marled effect, but when you knit it with a dark or black yarn, the silk core melts into the background, and all you see is a dark fabric with a very bright halo.

70% Mohair, 30% Silk core dyed black
approx. 500m (547 yards) for 50g skein
Needles: 3-5mm
Lace weight. Handwashing is recommended.

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