Quiddity Yarn Bundle

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €171.00

These are the yarn bundles for the Quiddity shawl, a pattern designed by Susan Chin and published in Laine Magazine's 52 Weeks of Shawls. This clever pattern comes in two versions: crochet and knit.

Here is how Laine Magazine describes this design:

Quiddity is a parallelogram shaped shawl that you can either knit or crochet. The knitted version mostly uses garter and tuck stitches. The crochet version uses tapestry crochet, overlay crochet and a modified mosaic crochet. Both knit and crochet versions are made with three separate sections that are then sewn together.

We are offering these bundles in our Merino Sport base, in the colors Sandstone and Stone. The knit and crochet versions do not require the same amount of yarn, so each bundle contains: 

- Crochet: 3 skeins of Merino Sport in Sandstone and 3 skeins in Stone

- Knit: 2 skeins of Merino Sport in Sandstone and 2 skeins in Stone

The pattern is not included in these bundles and is available in 52 Weeks of Shawls printed by Laine Publishing. 


 Voici les lots de laine pour le modèle de châle Quiddity, créé par Susan Chin, et disponible dans le livre 52 Weeks of Shawls publié par Laine Magazine. Petit plus: ce très joli modèle peut être tricoté ou crocheté! La quantité de laine nécessaire pour chaque option varie, c'est pourquoi nous proposons deux lots différents. 


 Yarn content: 100% Merino Superwash / 325m (355 yds) for 100g