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Slipstravaganza MKAL yarn bundle

La Bien Aimée

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Join in on the Westknits Mystery Knit Along fun with these special La Bien Aimée yarn bundles! We have curated them in our Cashmerino and Merino Super Sock bases with all our LBA knitters in mind: the bright color lovers, the neutrals neutrals neutrals, and everyone in between... Let's join Stephen for another year of mystery knitting! 

Each kit contains: 2 skeins of the main color, and 1 skein of each of the 3 contrasting colors, for a total of 5 skeins per kit. 

The pattern is not included in this yarn bundle and can be purchased here:

 Rejoignez le Mystery Knit Along de Westknits avec ces lots de laine La Bien Aimée. Nous les avons conçus spécialement dans nos bases Cashmerino et Merino Super Sock en pensant à nos tricoteurs et tricoteuses, ceux qui ne jurent que par les couleurs vives, ceux qui ne tricotent que des couleurs neutres, et tous les autres... Joignons-nous à Stephen pour une nouvelle édition de son châle mystère! 

Chaque lot contient: 2 écheveaux de la couleur principale, et 1 écheveau de chacune des 3 couleurs contrastantes, pour un total de 5 écheveaux par kit. 

Le patron n'est pas inclus dans ce lot de laine et est en vente ici :


Justin's Kit: Cove, Shipwreck, Lannister, To Oz, Sailor Mars

Super Sock 2: Victorian Mauve (2), Highgarden, Lise, Ghost

Super Sock 3: Tidal Sands (2), San Tokki, Sanho, Glacier

Super Sock 4: Vintage (2), Eshaness, Dawn, Sansa

Super Sock 5: To Oz (2), Tidal Sands, Grellow, Eshaness

Super Sock 6: Bleu Royal (2), Fluoro Morganite, Tangiopeia, Calliope

Cashmerino 1: Air Guitar (2), LBA Yellow, Lush, Pinku

Cashmerino 2: Quartz Fumé (2), Gaji, Magellanic Clouds, Direwolf

Cashmerino 3: Stone (2), Peony Graffiti, Pink Granite, Curious Handmade

Cashmerino 4: Caramel (2), Lise, Dawn, Madeleine

Cashmerino 5: Peerie Tokki (2), Jonna, Ayre, Vintage

Cashmerino 6: Ash (2), JKim, JKim is Grellow, The Matrix

Cashmerino 7: Romance (2), Loam, Bois de Rose, Sandstone

Cashmerino 8: Pink Granite (2), Gaji, Magellanic Clouds, Direwolf

Cashmerino 9: Curious Handmade (2), Sandstone, Loam, Bois de Rose

Cashmerino 10: Fluoro Morganite (2), Loam, Sandstone, Sansa

Cashmerino 11: Stonecrop (2), Bois de Rose, Sansa, Dawn

Cashmerino 12: San Tokki (2), Paisley Nouveau, Aimée's Flashy Lipstick, Yellow Brick Road

Cashmerino 13: Andromeda (2), Sari, Dawn, Bleu Royal

Cashmerino 14: Rose Quartz (2), The Shire, Loam, Highgarden

Cashmerino 15: Ash (2), Air Guitar, Buzz, Fluoro Morganite

Cashmerino 16: Bleu Royal (2), Fluoro Morganite, Tangiopeia, Calliope

Merino Singles 1: Air Guitar (2), Pinku, Lush, LBA Yellow 

Merino Singles 2: Bleu Royal (2), Fluoro Morganite, Tangiopeia, Calliope

Merino Singles 3: Air Guitar (2), Peanut Butter & Jelly, "As If", Buzz

Merino Singles 4: The Magellanic Clouds (2), Jkim, Jkim is Grellow, Anemone