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The Yarn Winding Manifesto

The Yarn Winding Manifesto

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The Yarn Winding Manifesto is an inspirational book about the joy of craftsmanship, materials and colors by textile designer, artist and weaver, Astrid Skibsted, who comes from Denmark. Check her beautiful Instagram account @astridskibsted and prepare to fall in love with this incredible technique! 

This book is:

• A sensual explosion of colors and yarns.

• An invitation to contemplation.

• A method that requires small technical skills and that has great artistic potential.

• A creative activity that can be cultivated across generations.

• A meditative way to let go and let chance prevail.

• A great method for different needlework.

• A method to develop your sense of color and try out new surprising combinations.

• A declaration of love for yarn.

It contains 4 texts about what the creative process does to us humans, 10 illustrations and an easy written guide to learn how to make wrapping samples yourself and over 200 wrap samples that will provide lots of inspiration.

This is book is in Danish and English. 



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