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La Bien Aimée

Xiao Mai 小麥 Chunky Stitch Bundle

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Xiao Mai 小麥 by Layla Yang is featured in Neons & Neutrals: A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée!

Xiao Mai is an oversized jacket with wide kimono sleeves. It has a truly stunning chunky stitch over the whole body and sleeves that is made using 8 strands of lace weight yarn in 5 different colors of Felix by La Bien Aimée. The "Original Light" chunky stitch bundle contains all the yarn you will need to recreate this chunky stitch (the body of this sample is knit in Qing Fibre Pearl Tumbleweed and Melted Baby Suri White.)

For the dark sample knit in Merino Bouclé and Mohair Silk Alcide Herveaux, I pulled some La Bien Aimée KumoQing Fibre Melted Baby Suri, and Isager Silk Mohair from my stash. I encourage you to dig through your yarn stash for this chunky stitch. But for those who would like to recreate my exact pallete, we are currently working on making bundles with Isager, Qing, and LBA (or you can buy the "LBA Dark" chunky stitch bundle, which substitutes LBA equivalent colors for all those Qing and Isager yarns.)

Here's what Layla says about the design:

"When I heard about Aimée’s new book, I instantly started thinking about some design ideas. This design was inspired by the beautiful texture of woven textiles. I combined that idea with leftover yarn to create a unique garment."

Please note: these bundles do not contain the yarn required to knit the body of the jacket, only the 8 strands of laceweight yarn that make up the "chunky stitch" that covers the body and sleeves.


Original Light1 x 100g Felix La Bien Aimée Yellow, 1 x 100g Felix Peach Sweater, 1 x 100g Felix Sunrise, 2 x 25g Felix Pool, 2 x 25g Felix Sansa

LBA Dark: 3 x 50g skeins of Kumo in Fluoro Morganite, Avoine, and Julia, 5 x skeins of Mohair (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9) in Goldenrod, Loam, Kitsune, Dawn, and Moria

"AS IF": 1 x 100g Felix "AS IF", 1 x 100g Felix Ooyoo, 1 x 100g Felix Buzz, 2 x 25g Felix "HELLA", 2 x 25g Felix Fluoro Morganite

Goldenrod1 x 100g Helix Goldenrod, 1 x 100g Helix Vintage Grellow, 1 x 100g Helix Smoke, 2 x 25g Helix Stone, 1 x 50g Kumo Siena

Jonna1 x 100g Felix Jonna, 1 x 100g Felix Bone, 2 x 25g Felix Ooyoo, 2 x 25g Helix Yellow Brick Road, 1 x Mohair Sandstone (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9), 1 x Mohair Fiori (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9)

Sansa: 1 x 100g Felix Sansa, 1 x 100g Felix Peach Sweater, 2 x 25g Felix Quartz Fumé, 1 x Mohair Peach Sweater (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9), 1 x Mohair Liesl (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9)

Smoke1 x 100g Felix Smoke, 1 x 100g Helix French Grey, 2 x 25g Felix Seaglass, 1 x 50g Kumo Lush, 1 x Mohair Glacier (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9), 1 x Mohair Smoke (25g for sizes 1-5, 50g for sizes 6-9)


La Bien Aimée Felix: 75% Falkland Merino, 25% Corriedale, 650m (710yds) for 100g.
La Bien Aimée Helix: 75% Falkland Merino, 25% Gotland wool, 650m (710yds) for 100g.
Mohair Silk: 70% Mohair, 30% Mulberry Silk, 500m (546yds) for 50g.
La Bien Aimée Kumo: 74% suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk, 328 yards (300 meters) for 50g.

La Bien Aimée Helix

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