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La Bien Aimée

Yu 裕 Bundle

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Yu 裕 by Valerie Ng is featured in Neons & Neutrals: A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée!

Yu 裕 by Valerie Ng is a vest that reimagines the technique of the Herringbone stitch by adding a new twist to it: colorwork! Valerie was inspired by the idea of holding two completely different yarns: a thick one and a thin one.

For the thick yarn, she chose Cyrano by De Rerum Natura, a beautiful Aran weight yarn made of French and Portuguese Merino wool. It has a smooth round twist and is strong and durable. The contrast color is made of two strands of Kumo by La Bien Aimée in two different colors. Kumo is La Bien Aimée's fluffy Suri Alpaca base, it is soft as a cloud. Creating colorwork in Herringbone stitch creates this amazing chevron pattern, while the contrast between Cyrano and Kumo adds wonderful texture.

The bundles for the other version is now available in Greybow #4! 


Original Greybow #4: Corrie Confetti Greybow #4, Kumo "AS IF" and Sunrise

Original LBA Yellow :  Cyrano Poivre Blanc, LBA Kumo La Bien Aimée Yellow, LBA Kumo Dawn

Lise : Cyrano Merlot, LBA Kumo LiseLBA Kumo Siena.

Lush :  Cyrano Fusain, LBA Kumo LushLBA Kumo Street Art.

Oranje:  Cyrano Quartz, LBA Kumo Oranje, LBA Kumo Julia.

Pixy Stix: Cyrano Plume, LBA Kumo Pixy Stix, LBA Kumo Peach Sweater.

Seaglass: Cyrano Tempete, LBA Kumo Seaglass, LBA Kumo Azulita.


 Cropped Version:
Size 13 x 100g Cyrano, 2 x 50g Kumo.
Size 2 : 3 x 100g Cyrano , 4 x 50g Kumo. 
Sizes 3 - 4 : 4 x 100g Cyrano , 4 x 50g Kumo.
Sizes 5 - 6 : 5 x 100g Cyrano , 4 x 50g Kumo.
Sizes 7-9 : 6 x 100g Cyrano , 4 x 50g Kumo.

Due to stock limitations all bundles containing Cyrano are only for the cropped version. For the regular version you may need to adjust your meterage accordingly.

Regular version with Corrie Confetti:
Size 1-3: 5x Corrie Confetti, 4x 50g Kumo.
Size 4: 6x Corrie Confetti, 4x 50g Kumo.
Sizes 5-6: 7x Corrie Confetti, 4x 50g Kumo.
Sizes 7-8: 8x Corrie Confetti, 6x 50g Kumo.
Size 9: 9x Corrie Confetti, 6x 50g Kumo.

La Bien Aimée Kumo: 74% suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk, 300m (328 yds) for 50g.
De Rerum Natura Cyrano Merino : 100% French merinos d'Arles and Portuguese black merino, 150m for 100g.

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