Azucena by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne

Azucena by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne

This is the first in a series of blogposts to introduce the designs coming soon in Aimee's very first book,  Worsted, published on November 19th by Laine Publishing. Pre-order your copy from La Bien Aimée and you will receive a signed copy from Aimée! 


Azucena is a colorwork sweater designed by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne using Corrie Worsted and featured in the book Worsted, A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée. It has an easy round yoke construction and beautiful colorwork design. Nadia's version uses Avoine as the main color, and Olive Juice, Rust and Belle Rose as the contrast colors. 


Nadia also designed a steeked version of Azucena, so that you have the choice to knit either a sweater or a cardigan! Seen here in this photo is a sample using Caramel as the main color, with Avoine, Sandstone and Dawn as the contrasting colors. 


Azucena cardigan



Here is what Nadia wrote as her inspiration for this pattern: 

“Azucena is worked from the top down, in one piece and without seams. It has a simple shape and clear lines, this way all the attention is devoted to the colorwork. 

My inspiration mostly came from the yarn itself. Seeing Aimée's work on this base, I immediately started thinking about how I could create something that would enhance this beautiful yarn. For me, Corrie Worsted speaks about comfort, about feeling warm and safe, surrounded by the all love you put in every stitch of your sweater.”


Aimee in Azucena

Aimée is wearing Azucena in Yellow Brick Road
and Stone, Avoine and Belle Rose. 


Aimee and Nadia have been working together for many years, ever since Aimee opened her knit café, L'Oisivethé, in 2008. Every year, Nadia designs a shawl for her birthday using La Bien Aimée yarn. They have built a strong work friendship, so it was natural for Aimee to ask Nadia to be a part of her first book. 

This past weekend, the La Bien Aimée sales team travelled to Lyon for Knit Eat festival. Aimee asked Nadia to join us so that we could show off new yarn bundles for Nadia's latest designs, such as Wind of Change and Wannabe. But we also brought the samples for Azucena and previewed them for the first time. It was so exciting to finally show knitters this wonderful pattern and the response was incredibly positive. 


Aimee and Nadia wearing Azucena



Thank you, Nadia, for agreeing to participate in this book, and for coming to Lyon with La Bien Aimée! 

Worsted, A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée will be published in November by Laine Publishing. 


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