Shipping Information - United Kingdom

As with many other EU-based businesses, we have been facing challenges with the new regulations being imposed on us and our customers since the UK left the European Union at the start of 2021. In order to process orders from the UK for less than  £135, the UK government requires us to register for a UK VAT number and to collect sales tax on their behalf.

As we currently do not have a UK VAT number nor the manpower currently in order to handle this new administrative process, we are obligated to set our minimum purchase amount for £135, approximately €156, for customers ordering from the UK (the price will appear in Euros and may fluctuate based on the current exchange rate). This price is based on the threshold given by the UK government.

For orders over £135, the UK government customs will collect the sales tax/customs fees, and you will be asked to pay this upon arrival into the country. This amount depends on the size of your order, and we are not liable for these costs. If you refuse payment and the order is returned to us, we will refund you the order amount minus the shipping costs. This includes both the cost to ship the package to you and the amount we are charged to receive the return.

We are sorry for any confusion or delays caused by the UK leaving the EU. We always hope to provide the best customer service to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

For more information on receiving goods from outside the UK please click on the link below.