Corrie Confetti

Corrie Confetti

Corrie Confetti has been one of Aimée's passion projects for the last year or so. A brand new yarn, it is a one of a kind limited edition yarn comprised of a mix of recycled natural fibers that include upcycled La Bien Aimée yarn and custom dyed Falkland Corriedale. 

 La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti


This new yarn came from the idea of wanting to recycle some of our yarn waste. In a dye studio, there is, unfortunately, some yarn waste, sometimes quite a lot. Some of it comes from the ties made out of thread that are put around the skeins in the mill to keep the skeins together. We leave these on to dye the yarn, and then we cut them when the yarn is dry, just before winding. This means that every time we wind one skein of hand-dyed yarn, we have a few cut threads that we used to just throw away. And sometimes, things can go wrong and a skein comes out unusable... 

 La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti in Ochre and Dustland Shawl


When Aimée started working on developing Corrie Worsted with the mill, she learned about the whole process of making a yarn and that there would also be some yarn waste during the spinning process. Along with the mill, they decided to create a sister yarn based on Corrie Worsted that would recycle some of the waste yarn from Corrie Worsted and our beautiful colorful yarn bits. Aimée added in 50% custom dyed Falkland Corriedale to the mix to create the first batch of Corrie Confetti in Ochre.  

 La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti Ball bang

Yarn Details for Corrie Confetti:
50% Custom Dyed Falkland Corriedale, 30% Natural Recycled Fibers & 20% La Bien Aimée Recycled Threads.  230 meters (250 yards) for approx 100g. Suggested needles: 4.5-5mm 

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti and Dustland Shawl

 For a long time, this was called in-house the Secret Yarn Project. One member of each team from each department would meet every Friday afternoon in our break room and cut and sort our hand dyed thread yarns and sort through our waste threads for this project. Once this was all organised, Aimee made a custom mix of colors for the Confetti portion of this first batch. And because yellow is Aimee's favorite color, she thought that Ochre with neon & jewel tone confetti would be perfect for the first run.  

 Confetti Bits for Corrie Confetti La Bien Aimée


We will start offering small exclusive numbered batches of Corrie Confetti through fall and winter.  We have some pretty fun plans for the future… Every batch will be a single color, and when we sell out, there won’t be any more! So grab it while you can, as there may not be more of that color produced for a good long while.  Aimée's already lined up the next three spins, we can't wait for you to see them. 

 La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti Felix Sweater


How does Corrie Confetti feels? 

Corrie Confetti looks and feels like Corrie Worsted, but the extra upcycled fibres added to it give it a bit more ‘volume’. Aimée was so excited to try it while she was in quarantine recently and knit up a beautiful Felix sweater (pattern is Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers). On a 5mm needle, Corrie Confetti has a slightly thick and thin feel due to the construction of the yarn which adds a beautiful depth of color to the base. We were able to send a yarn to our preview knitters and they all gave us the positive feedback that the yarn knits and feels like butter!  All the colorful yarn bits that are spun into the Corrie Worsted create this beautiful speckled tweed aspect, while retaining the softness of this base. 


Our next spin of Corrie Confetti will arrive in November 2022! Sign up to our newsletter for news about our next batch of recycled confetti yarn



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