European VAT Changes, what you need to know?

European VAT Changes, what you need to know?

New European Union tax regulations regarding Value Added Tax (VAT) are being put in place starting July 1st.  If you are located outside of the EU, this doesn't affect you.

Up until now, our European clients were charged the French VAT rate of 20%, regardless of their location. 

So what is changing? 

In order to comply with these new regulations, La Bien Aimée's website will now be charging the VAT of the country we are shipping to. 

VAT rates vary from one country to the other, so please click this link to check what rate applies to your country.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the changes put into place:

If you are ordering from Germany, the german VAT rate of 19% will be applied.

If you are ordering from Finland, the Finnish VAT rate of 24% will be applied. 

If you are ordering from France, nothing changes. The French VAT rate of 20% is charged to your order. 

If you are ordering from outside of the European Union (US, Canada, Japan, Australia...), then nothing changes either! You didn't pay VAT before, and you still won't have to pay it now. 

A note on customs and import charges:
For clients that do not pay VAT when shopping on our website, 
your country may require you to pay for importing your order. This is a fee that the government charges you for the right to import certain goods. La Bien Aimée does not have any control or influence on the amount that you will be charged. Unfortunately, we can not be held liable for these costs. Please note that if you refuse your order, the package will be returned to us. We will refund your order less the shipping costs and any fees charged to us for the return. 

For any questions about the VAT that is applied to your orders, please feel free to email our sales team at We are happy to help you! 

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