Framework by Veera Valimaki

Framework by Veera Valimaki

Veera Valimaki is releasing her cardigan design, Framework, in La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted. A relaxed shape with beautiful travelling cables running all over the body, this cardigan really highlights the great drape and texture of Corrie Worsted.



We asked Veera to tell us about her inspiration for this design, and also what she thought about the yarn. Here are her answers: 

"The inspiration for the design comes from quilting. I have been super interested in all the possibilities with quilts, especially the modern look of many of them! With this cardigan I wanted to see how I could mimic the top stitching look with a knitted project. That’s how the cardigan started! And I’m so happy how the cables look! Something new to me and that has made me enjoy this project so much."

"The yarn has been a dream to work with! I love how it knits up, I love the feel and this Corrie Worsted almost seems to knit by itself! I haven’t yet had a chance to wear the cardigan that much, but I have a feeling that it will stay with me forever. So far it wears beautifully and I just love how it’s not too heavy- even with all the cables!"


Thank you so much, Veera, for collaborating with La Bien Aimée for the release of Corrie Worsted


 The pattern can be purchased here, and Corrie Worsted will be available starting June 21st at 4pm Paris time here

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