Our dye to order reference is live for the original colors of Rose Cardigan by Andrea Mowry. I can't wait for fall weather to return to Paris so I can wear my Rose again. I love this relaxed design, it's great to throw on over a pair of jeans or a linen tunic. 

La Bien Aimée Merino Sport Rose Cardigan

Here is the original in La Bien Aimée Merino Sport: Damask, Dusk, Rose Quartz & Winter Garden. 

My good friend, Bintou knit her in the Tang fade and it's just the right amount of neon and grey that is super easy to wear! 


La Bien Aimée Merino Sport Tang Fade Rose Cardigan

The colors of the Tang fade on La Bien Aimée Merino Sport are Tang, Tangiopeia, Pop Grunge & Cassiopeia. 

We have some other proposition for Rose that we have pulled together for you to see: 

From top left: Jonna Fade (Jonna, San Sok, Pyogo & Quail), Vespa Fade (Vespa Graffiti, Vespiopeia, Cassiopeia & Drea), Magellanic Fade (Ash, The Magellanic Clouds, Le Grande Nuage & Cassiopeia) and Winterfell Fade (Winterfell, The North, Patagonia & Dusk). 

For my version of Rose, I wanted a one color version and I opted to knit the size small so that it would wear more like a fitted cardigan with dolman sleeves. I am always weary about adding too much ease into my sweaters as, I feel it doesn't always correspond well for my body. I was very pleased with how my small Rose cardigan came out. It wears just as I intended as an open cardigan and if I want to close it, I can using a shawl pin or cable needle. Also, having the small sample in the shop has been great for our customers to try on as they often size down to have a bit less ease than intended by the designer. 

I chose the color Patagonia for my version and I recommend alternating skeins when knitting it in one color. This ensure even color and speck distribution. I am wearing the Smock dress from Not Perfect Linen. This is one of my favourite cuts because it's a sleeveless dress which makes it great to wear with knitwear. 

If you need help or have any questions with the quantities, email us at and we can help you! 

All these colors are now available online: La Bien Aimée Merino Sport

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