Traveler Shell by Andrea Mowry: our new obsession!

Traveler Shell by Andrea Mowry: our new obsession!

Look no further, we have found our new obsession! 

The Traveler Shell by Andrea Mowry is the perfect layer we can see ourselves reaching for all year long! An easy, drop shoulder, open cardigan with big pockets, it is inspired by the beautiful texture of the Traveler Hoodie. The fabric is made of a textured stitch reminiscent of large horizontal textured ribbing using a combination of stockinette and garter stitch. This creates a beautiful stretchy fabric. But honestly, the best thing about it is that it has no sleeves and pockets for days! Can you not see yourself just living in it? I know I can. 

Helix and Kumo are a match made in heaven! Two lace weight yarns, they create a soft and woolly fabric when held together that is both light and warm, wonderfully drapey and with a great halo.

 La Bien Aimée Helix and Kumo

Andrea combined Lichen on Helix, a beautiful light green with sage undertones, with Seaglass on Kumo, a bright minty green. Marling these two colors creates a heathered fabric with a neon halo! There are so many great color combinations you could make for the Traveler. You can either go tone-on-tone in your favorite color (this is always a win-win), or marl a tonal color on Helix with a matching neon or a speckled Kumo for a super fun result. 

The Traveler Shell in La Bien Aimée

I chose my current favorite speckled colorway, Heliodore, on Felix and Kumo. Felix is Helix’s sister yarn, a super soft, plumpy mix of non-superwash Falkland Merino and Corriedale. It was created specifically to be the perfect alternative to Helix, but with a white base, so that we can dye our brighter, more intense colors on it. The Corriedale gives it a subtle halo and an incredible squishiness. Heliodore is a delicate and lightly variegated color with tones of light pink and yellow, and a few pretty speckles. It is both elegant and fun!

La Bien Aimée Felix and Kumo in Heliodore

We have been swatching non-stop for The Traveler and have been having so much fun imagining all the color combinations we could make for it! If you need color recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will happily help you.

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