La Bien Aimee Yarn Medley October 2020

Artist Medleys by La Bien Aimée

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We have been working hard here at La Bien Aimée on revamping our Yarn Medleys after the great response to our first collection, and I must admit we have been really enjoying ourselves coming up with new colorways. The colors we tend to gravitate towards really are a fingerprint of our personalities and personal tastes, and our choices can really reveal a lot about a knitter, whether you might be more of a jewel tone or neon pop.

So in the spirit of finding colorway identities, in this collection, we were inspired by the palettes of our favorite artists as we tried to imagine what types of colors they would choose if they were painting with our yarn. Sometimes we would pull a color and think immediately of a certain artist such as the many blues of David Hockney's swimming pools, the neutral greys and soft pinks of Agnes Martin's abstracts, or the red earth of the desert floor against the azure skies of Georgia O'Keefe.

In putting together these kits, we were reminded of how mercurial our perception of color is, and how much the colors talk to one another, changing mood and tone depending on their neighbor. Some colors would take on a whole other personality from one kit to the other.

The medley contains:


My personal favorites are the Hockney and Stella kits. Julia and Aimee have been fighting over the Agnes Martin, though Julia is also eyeing the Renoir!!

A list of possible patterns that you could use your Medley for can be found here:

 Pattern Guide for Painter's Palette Yarn Medleys from La Bien Aimée

And here are our medleys!


This next round of Yarn Medleys will be going live on Monday, November 2nd at 10pm (Paris). 

If you are lacking any inspiration and you need any help, please don't hesitate to email me or Julia at

And don't forget to check out our specially curated pattern guide!!


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