Asawa in a Neutral fade

Asawa in a Neutral fade

 Asawa is a scarf pattern designed by Thien-Kieu Lam in La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted base and featured in Worsted, A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée. This cabled scarf has an architectural motif inspired by the sculptures of artist Ruth Asawa.

Asawa comes in three sizes. Shown in the book are sizes 1, in Dawn, and 2, in Yellow Brick Road. Thien-Kieu also added a third size which makes a large wrap and I immediately envisioned it in a beautiful neutral fade. The colors we used are French Grey, Avoine, Bone, Highgarden and Sandstone, these fade from a light grey to a warm beige with a touch of pink.

 Aimée wearing the wrap version of Asawa in Corrie Worsted in five different colors

I used the fade sequence that Andrea Mowry used in her Comfort Fade cardigan to create a beautiful seamless fade. Here is how you can recreate the same fade if you want. 

C1: French Grey
C2: Avoine
C3: Bone
C4: Highgarden
C5: Sandstone

Fade sequence: 16 rows
2 rows of C2, 4 rows of C1, 2 rows of C2, 2 rows of C1, 4 rows of C2, 2 rows of C1 (and then repeat to fade from C2 to C3, C3 to C4 and C4 to C5). 

Using French Grey (C1) as the first color, cast on and do the cable preparation, and then knit 86 rows.

Then fade from French Grey to Avoine (C2) (16 rows of fade sequence).

Knit 102 rows of Avoine by itself, before fading from Avoine to Bone (C3).

As for the Avoine section, knit 102 rows in Bone before fading into Highgarden (C4).

Knit 100 rows in Highgarden, before fading into Sandstone (C5).

Knit 86 rows in Sandstone before the bind-off preparation and binding off.  

That's it! A beautiful wrap in a neutral fade. 

You can make your own bundle for this version of Asawa, all you need is one of each of the colors you would like to fade. There are many wonderful options to make 5 colors in Corrie Worsted


A beautiful option would also be: French Grey, Smoke, Mist, Payne's Grey and Winterfell, fading from a light grey to a dark blue. 

If you love bright greens, I would use Avoine, Sandstone, Kokko, The Shire and Olive Juice. 

A beautiful fall option would be Sandstone, Yellow Brick Road, Goldenrod, Rust and Caramel.


For the pink lovers out there, I recommend using Avoine, Highgarden, Belle Rose, Lise and Madeleine. 

 Don't forget to join us for the #lbaworstedbookkal hosted on La Bien Aimée's Ravelry group and on Instagram. There are so many beautiful and inspiring projects already! 


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