Canal by Nancy Marchant

Canal by Nancy Marchant

This is the sixth in a series of blogposts to introduce the designs coming out in Aimee's very first book, Worsted, published on November 19th by Laine Publishing. Pre-order your copy from La Bien Aimée and you will receive a signed copy from Aimée! 


Canal poncho


Canal is a poncho designed by Nancy Marchant using Corrie Worsted and featured in the book, Worsted, A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée. This incredible poncho features intarsia cables that look simply stunning. But the great thing is that you could also knit is with only one contrasting color, or all in one color if you wanted, making it accessible to every level of knitter. 

Nancy used Highgarden as the main color, and Moria, Belle Rose and Kitsune as the contrasting colors in the poncho's intarsia cables. For the second version of this poncho, Aimee wanted to knit the cropped poncho in a very neutral palette, and chose Bone as the main color, with only one contrast: Avoine. Another option could also be to forego the intarsia completely and knit the whole poncho in a single color, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun now, would it... With her leftovers, Nancy has also imagined a simple cowl in garter stitch ridges!


Canal cowl and poncho


Here is what Nancy wrote as her inspiration for Canal: 

 "Aimée and I talk with one another quite often about knitwear designing, fibres, fabric construction; textiles in general. I mentioned once that I often use other textiles as inspiration for my knitting. When Aimée asked me to participate in the Worsted book project, I immediately wanted to incorporate other textile images into my garment. I thought of meandering threads across the surface and experimented with that idea. I knit lots of samples and wound up choosing cables, in colour, on different coloured surfaces. This poncho could be made in 1 color or 15, there are so many possibilities to explore.”


Canal poncho by Nancy Marchant


Thank you so much, Nancy, for agreeing to take part in this book! 

Worsted, A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée will be published on November 19th by Laine Publishing. It will be available for pre-order on October 14th! 

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