Comfort Fade KAL Round Up

Comfort Fade KAL Round Up

Our Comfort Fade KAL started on March 25th and it has been so much fun seeing your beautiful pictures posted on social media and Ravelry! While the KAL ends on June 25th, we wanted to do a little round-up of the beautiful Comfort Fades some of you have already finished... 

Kelly, @ionmhainn on Instagram, recently shared some incredible pictures of her finished cardigan in the Jasper fade! This photoshoot in nature with the earthy colors in the Jasper fade just looks amazing. 


Speaking of beautiful pictures taken in breathtaking landscapes, Rhiana, @knitsintheknife on Instagram, has posted some incredible pictures of herself working on her Comfort Fade cardigan on the edge of Kakisa Lake in Canada. She is using the Peanut Butter & Jelly fade. (Also, her dog is adorable!) 


Sara and Anna, @saramhatch and @annis_knitting_diary have both finished their Comfort Fade in the Vespa fade and they look awesome! Congratulations, ladies! 



Angie @tvangie has also finished her cardigan in the Adella fade and it is as pretty as we imagined! 


Jane @stashjem was incredibly brave and steeked her Comfort Fade in the Hotness fade!!!! Way to go, Jane! 


Leanne, @leanne.meininger on Instagram, finished this tropical version of the The Hotness fade while in Hawaii!! Isn't it perfect? She mixed the top of The Hotness fade with the JKim fade for maximum impact!! 


 Lastly, I think a lot of us were incredibly inspired by Tracie's modifications (@just_tracie of the Grocery Girls). Instead of knitting the shawl collar, Tracie opted to knit all her cuffs in twisted ribbing and the result is just stunning! All her modifications details are available on her Ravelry project page



Seeing all these finished Comfort Fades makes me want to try to finish mine ASAP! And if you haven't joined in on the #comfortknitwithuskal fun, there's still time as we still have Comfort Fade bundles online on our website. Happy knitting! 


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