La Bien Aimée x Mondim

La Bien Aimée x Mondim

I am very excited about my newest yarn collaboration. Usually, I work with designers to provide yarn support for designs that use La Bien Aimée. It is an extremely satisfying process to see how my yarn is transformed into a garment. Then I take the pleasure of knitting said garment.  But my newest collaboration has allowed me to work with not a designer of knitwear but instead a designer of yarn: Rosa Pomar. She is the owner of Retrosaria Rosa Pomar and the creator of her own yarn line, Rosa Pomar. 

I approached Rosa last year and asked her about dyeing on Mondim. We both got wide eyed and started talking fast about it. The excitement was tangiable. She sent us the first kilos to do our test dyeing on. We had to figure out our method for dyeing on Mondim. It's a non-superwash base so it takes the color differently than our other yarn bases. We were excited to work with such a sheepy base and when i say sheepy, I mean sheepy in every way down to the smell of the yarn. The days we dye Mondim the studio smells of glorious wool. 

We developped 32 La Bien Aimée colors on Mondim. I have a few more colors that I'd like to add to the line up over the rest of 2019. We aim to keep this base in our permenant line up. All our colors that we dye on Monim are repeatable. The base is available now in our brick and mortar shop in Paris. We are making it's public debut at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Scotland. The festival is March 21-23. If you are coming to the festival, do stop by our booth and say hello and come and meet our new base: La Bien Aimée x Mondim. 

We will be stocking La Bien Aimée x Mondim online on March 21st at 10am GMT (11am Paris time). Stock is limited for this first update. We will be offering pre-orders soon after.  Please note that the brick & mortar shop will be closed March 20-23rd while we are away in Scotland for EYF 2019. 




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