Nadia: a new colorway inspired by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne

Nadia: a new colorway inspired by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne

We are so excited to release a new colorway called Nadia, after La Bien Aimée's very good friend and wonderful knitting designer, Nadia Crétin-Lechenne, aka NCL Knits. Nadia is the inspiration for this delicate pink colorway with fun, colorful speckles. A warm, neutral color mixing pink and light earth tones, Nadia will pair beautifully with our warmer tonals, such as Yellow Brick Road, Rust and Caramel, as well as brighter jewel tones, like Madeleine or Paon. 

 La Bien Aimée Nadia on Various bases

Aimee and Nadia's collaboration dates back from the beginning of Nadia's career as a designer, which coincided with the time when Aimee started La Bien Aimée. Every year since then, Nadia and Aimee have collaborated and built a solid friendship and mutual respect for each other. 

La Bien Aimée is absolutely thrilled to release Nadia's color as a celebration of her design work and personality. Nadia's designs are delicate and feminine, yet easy to wear and fun to knit, the perfect garments and accessories for beginner knitters, as well as the more experienced knitters who are looking for great fit and beautiful details in their knitting. 

La Bien Aimée is offering Nadia on some of our best-selling yarn bases, such as Cashmerino, Merino Sport and Mohair Silk, as well as on our brand new non-superwash Fingering base, Twist Nouveau

And as a special treat, Nadia will be offered on Dererum Natura's base, Gilliatt. We will have two versions: Gilliatt and Gilliatt Heathered. Both bases are subtly different, the heathered version of Gilliatt brings in a bit of depth to the color due to the base's grey base. 

 La Bien Aimee Gilliatt color Nadia
La Bien Aimée Gilliatt HEATHERED color Nadia

Wind of Change is Nadia Crétin-Lechenne's new shawl designed in La Bien Aimée's brand new colorway, Nadia, inspired by her. Knit in La Bien Aimée's Cashmerino base, Wind of Change is another beautiful design featuring a triangular shape and a delicate lace motif.Nadia's new shawl, Wind of Change, is available now on Ravelry. Bundles will be available starting on June 13th! 

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