Pink Fizz by Andrea Mowry

Pink Fizz by Andrea Mowry

Pink Fizz is the newest pattern by Andrea Mowry using our custom spun bases, Cashmerino and Mohair Silk. The melange of these two bases creates the most luscious fabric that is light weight and super soft to wear against your skin. 


Here is what Andrea says about Pink Fizz:

Pink fizz combines a mohair halo with beautiful lace and a relaxed fit that leaves you feeling a little bit glamorous and totally cozy! Knit from the bottom up and seamlessly except for the underarms, this sweater showcases a drop shoulder style with positive ease in the body and slim-fit sleeves.

I am a big fan of drop shoulder sweaters. There is an effortless style that comes with wearing this shape for me. My arms are pretty thick and I always need to modify my upper arm circumference of my sweaters, I find drop shoulder designs easy to modify if needed. 

Special note about Cashmerino stock: We are experience some delays on receiving our next shipments of Cashmerino. We have been waiting on stock since October 2020 and with the global health crisis going on our yarn supply has been delayed. We knew about the delay back in October so we set aside quantities for the Pink Fizz release. When you shop for Pink Fizz, you will probably see that we are already out of stock of lots of colors on the Cashmerino base. But there are alternatives that you can use for Pink Fizz. I recommend our Merino Super Sock base or Merino Singles base. We are dyeing all our dusty pinks for you on these bases. Andrea uses Damask and Highgarden Mohair Silk but I would recommend Highgarden Super Sock/ Merino Singles along with the matching mohair. 

As always, my team and I are responding to our dedicated email address for coloradvice. Feel free to drop us a line with your questions about Pink Fizz and we will be thrilled to respond!

Email us at: LBA Color Advice! (link)

I made a few color recommendations via Instagram. All our semi solids are dyed across all our bases including Merino Super Sock, Merino Singles and Cashmerino which are compatible for Pink Fizz. 



I think that I'm influenced by the name of the sweater and I picked out lots of pink tones for this design. I will be knitting this over my holiday break and I decided to go back to my old faithful colorway for this sweater and knit mine in Yellow Brick Road. One can never have enough yellow sweaters, right? 

Yarn for Pink Fizz can be shopped here:

Merino Super Sock
Merino Singles
Mohair Silk

The pattern is available on Andrea's website: 
via Ravelry:

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