Say bonjour to the Orchid Fade!

Say bonjour to the Orchid Fade!

This week, it is purplepalooza at La Bien Aimée! We have a brand new fade online. I am so happy to introduce you to the Orchid fade, which is made of three new colors: Physalia, Teasel and Anemelillies. 

The Orchid fade was born during last year’s Happy Accident Day at the LBA studio. Annie, who works on the Wholesale team and is  a purple lover. She had this idea for a color that would fade from purple to white, with some fun neon speckles, inspired by jellyfish colors. This color came out so amazing that it had to become a regular La Bien Aimée colorway. 

Now called Physalia, it has inspired two more colors: Teasel (a darker, variegated purple with speckles of pink) and a new bridge color, Anemelillies (a mix of Anemone and Waterlillies).


These three colors not only fade with each other, but they also go so well with some of our other colors. We have created a brand new 5 skein fade in Cashmerino

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