Swatching for the Rock it tee!

Swatching for the Rock it tee!

Silk Tweed + Mohair Silk = Rock it tee perfection! 

We are all very excited to knit summer tops in Silk Tweed. We have been swatching to knit the Rock it tee by Tanis Lavallée. It’s one of those patterns that I’ve had in my favorites for a very long time. I guess I was just waiting for the perfect yarn to come along…

Here is a list of the yarn used in the above swatches:
Silk Tweed & Onyx in Anemone
Silk Tweed & Mohair Silk in La Bien Aimée Yellow
Silk Tweed & Mohair Silk in Fluoro Morganite
Silk Tweed in Heliodore & Mohair Silk in Pretty in Pink
Silk Tweed in Eric Northman & Mohair Silk in Sari

It was hard, but I have made my decision! I will knit my Rock it tee using La Bien Aimée Silk Tweed and Mohair Silk in Fluoro Morganite. If you need some pattern ideas to knit with Silk Tweed, we have prepared a bundle on Ravelry. It is full of knitting patterns that would be perfect to knit in Silk Tweed.

Silk Tweed is now available on the La Bien Aimée website as a dye-to-order base. 

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