The Convoy Cowl

The Convoy Cowl

The Convoy Cowl is a pattern I created in collaboration with my mother, Susan Wilder, who is a painter and mixed media artist based in Maine. We based the cowl on WWI boat camouflage called "Dazzle" which was meant to dazzle the enemy into confusion more so than to hide the boat.

The cowl is first cast on using a stretchy cast on method (I prefer the German twist) and then double knit using the chart provided in the pattern in Pompom magazine. Double knitting feels a lot like 1x1 ribbing; I've created a short tutorial here to help:

How to double knit in the round

I have curated some beautiful kits in Helix, Mondim and Ulysse by De Rerum Natura that you can find here, but you are very welcome to find your own combinations in Helix, Mondim or LBA Sport. What I would recommend is that you choose two colors with a high enough contrast to make the design pop. One way to be sure is to take pictures of your yarn together and change it to a black and white photo to see how the colors will interact. You are also welcome to write us at if you have any questions about your choices!


I have also created a group on Ravelry where you can ask questions, chat, show off, and see what other people are up to. I'll be there to help!

I look forward to being dazzled by a Convoy of Convoy cowls floating around the world!

Check out our kits here:

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