Tips & Tricks for shopping the La Bien Aimée Free Shipping promo

Tips & Tricks for shopping the La Bien Aimée Free Shipping promo

Here at La Bien Aimée, coming back from summer break is our knitting rentrée. So bonne rentrée du tricot!

To celebrate the return of knitting season, we are happy to offer 4 days of free shipping. From tomorrow morning, Friday, September 1 until Tuesday, September 5 (at 7am Paris time / 1am EDT), get free shipping on all orders over 40€! Enter the code FREESHIPPING2023 at checkout. This code applies to all orders, domestic and international.

Note: due to the high number of orders we expect, please understand that our fulfillment time will be much longer than usual. We will fulfill orders in the order they are received. As always, we are happy to hear from you and respond to your questions. However, if you write to modify your order, please know that this will delay your order even further.

Here are a few tips & tricks to make sure you can shop for what you want! 

Step 1: Create an account on in advance. You can do this by selecting the small person icon at the top right of our website. This will bring you to the Login screen. 

Login page

Select "Create Account." You will be asked for your name, email address, and the password you would like to use. 

Step 2: You have created your account. Again, click the small person icon at the top right of our website. This will bring you to your account screen.

Account page 

Click on "View Addresses" at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to the Addresses page.

Addresses page

This is where the system stores your address information. Select "Edit." This will bring you to the "Edit Address" page.

Edit Address page

Enter the address you want to use as your shipping address and select "Update address." If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you are done and move on to Step 3.

If your shipping address is different from your billing address, you can add a second address now. 

Addresses page plus one

Select "Add a new address." Enter the new address and select "Add address." Now, both address will already be in the system when you go to check out.

Step 3: Go Shopping! Now is the time to fill your cart. As long as you are logged in, the items will remain in your basket (unless they sell out before you place your order). 

Step 4: It’s Friday morning and the promo has started. Yay! Log in and click on the shopping bag icon in the upper right. This takes you to your filled cart. Click "Check out." This will begin the check out process and take you to the Information page.

On the right, enter the code FREESHIPPING2023 and press "Apply." Make certain that the discount code has been applied before going any further! You will  know you have done it correctly if the Shipping cost on the right side of the screen says "Free."

***If you are planning to pay with PayPal or ShopPay, you can press the express checkout buttons at the top left of the screen and skip to the end!***

Because you have already entered your default address, it should appear in the Shipping Address area on the left. Now, click "Continue to shipping" at the bottom.

This will bring you to the Shipping method page.

Shipping method

Please select the cheapest shipping method. Regardless of the shipping method you select, we will ship via the cheapest option. However, selecting a more expensive shipping method will only further delay the processing and shipping of your order.

Select "Continue to payment," and you should be all set to finalize your order.

Step 5: Have fun and enjoy yarn shopping! 

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