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Addi SockWonder

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La Bien Aimée is proud to expand its Addi knitting needle collection with these SockWonder fixed circular needles, perfect for all your small knitting projects.

Each of the two needle tips on this 25cm fixed circular knitting needle is a different length. One needle tip is 45mm and the other 70mm long. Knitting socks is easy with this mini needle, because the longer tip is easier to grip. Also ideal for gloves, sleeves, cuffs or baby clothes.

We have these product available in 1 length, being 25cm/9" and in in 7 sizes:

  • 2mm / US 0
  • 2.5mm / US 1.5
  • 3.25mm / US 3
  • 3.75mm / US 5
  • 4mm / US 6
  • 4.5mm / US 7
  • 5mm / US 8

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