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Clover Darning Tools

Clover Darning Tools

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La Bien Aimée is proud to make darning that much easier with these handy Clover darning tools! From needles of all sizes to a super convenient yarn threader, these products really make weaving your ends and darning your holes fun!


Darning Needle Set (Bent tip)

This set of 3 steel darning needles comes in a portable tube case to protect your needles (and the rest of the things in your knitting bag!) This set contains 2 sizes: No. 15 (2 pcs) and No. 17 (1pc), so whatever the gauge of your project, you'll have what you need. The tip of these needles is lightly curved, allowing you to weave your needle in and out of your work with ease!


Jumbo Darning Needle Set

Working on something a little more medium weight? This jumbo darning needle set contains 2 needles with a diameter of 2.5mm - perfect for yarn weights worsted through aran. Stored in a screw-cap tube case, these needles are made from aminium, so they have the high qality feel of a weighty metal needle, and their bent tips make darning and weaving a breeze...


Super Jumbo Tapestry Needle Set

Forget spending hours trying to push bulky or fluffy yarns through a tiny needle eye, these super jumbo tapestry needles have a very large eye to make threading long-pile yarns simple. These plastic needles come in 2 lengths, and have a bent tip to help you get the right angle into your work.


Darning Needles With Latch Hook Eye

If you’re keen to make needle threading easier without carrying around an additional tool, these latch-hook-eye darning needles are the product for you. With a simple and discrete hinge at the base of the needle eye, you can thread difficult and bulky threads with ease. Thanks to this convenient technology, you can now even thread multiple different threads in the same needle!


Antique Yarn Threader

This beautifully designed invention makes needle threading easy without the need for buying any new darning needles. Simply slot the thin metal retractable plate through the eye of your needle, thread your yarn through the large hole in the plate, and pull it back through the needle eye and “voila!” When you’re finished, simply tuck the plate away in the engraved metal case for easy storage in your notions pouch.


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