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La Bien Aimée Leather accessories

La Bien Aimée Leather accessories

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Aimée has created in collaboration with Sandra Askegren from @made_by_askegren these sweet leather accessories. A unique design with a minimalistic feel.

  • The Clutch is hand sewn in a natural leather of the highest quality.  This clutch can be used for all kinds of handiwork accessories but it can also be used as a beautiful clutch to carry your necessities when you are on the go. My iphone 11 Pro Max fits inside perfectly along with my credit card, change purse, a lipgloss and house keys. 


  • The leather Case is made to keep your clutch and extra notions or a notebook, so you an keep all your knitting accessories together. 


  • This adorable Pouch was designed especially to fit into your LBA leather clutch. It will help you keep your small accessories nice and tidy. Use it to store your stitch markers, yarn snips and small scissors, as well as your tapestry needles.

The Clutch includes: 
- An individual needle holder
- Needle slide that can hold up to three pairs of circular or double point needles
- Mini pouch for notions or other small items like change, lip gloss... 

The Case does not include the Clutch or the Pouch.

Clutch Size when folded: H: 12.5 cm L: 17 cm

All these accessories are vegetable tanned and the more you use it the more beautiful the leather becomes. It develops a natural patina that will darken over time giving your clutch its own unique look.

Please note that the needles in the photo are not included with the clutch and that some imperfections may appear on the leather as they are hand made and hand embossed, but over time this will even out with the patina.

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