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ISAGER MERILIN is a blend of 80% wool and 20% linen, making it perfect for light weight garments.

This composition gives a very nice drape and is also breathable, so it's perfect for summer knitting, but Merilin does not compromise on softness. This yarn is very gentle on the skin and a pleasure to knit.

Merilin yarn is also quite versatile, and can be used for a variety of projects. Whether you're looking for a soft, warm yarn for your next knitting project or need a versatile and durable option for your next knitting project, Merilin is a great choice.

All Isager yarns knit up beautifully alone, but work particularly well when combined with other Isager bases too. Mix and match different fibres and colors to create truly individual handknits that stand out from the crowd.

  • 80% wool and 20% linen
  • Meterage: 208 m in 50 g
  • Three-ply yarn
  • Spun and dyed in Peru

Estimated gauge

Please note that these estimates should be used as a guideline, and you should always swatch to check your personal gauge before casting on any project.

Merilin: 3 mm needles = 26 sts / 32 rows
Merilin + Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles = 24 sts/ 30 rows
Merilin + Alpaca 2: 3.5 mm needles = 22 sts / 26 rows
Merilin + Silk Mohair: 4 mm needles = 20 sts / 24 rows

Care Instructions:

Woolen garments do not require frequent washing. In damp weather, airing outdoors is usually enough. When necessary, hand washing is recommended for wool. Please follow these guidelines to prevent felting:

Use a wool mark approved detergent and very little soap. Keep the temperature constant (no higher than 28° Celsius) during the entire washing and rinsing process. Dry by laying the garment on a towel and leave to air-dry.
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