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Merchant & Mills

Sewing Tools

Sewing Tools

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La Bien Aimee has stocked the perfect tools from Merchant & Mills for your projects!


- Merchant & Mills Tape Measure:
Graduated both in centimeters and inches. It is 1m50 (60″) long. 

- Merchant & Mills Wide Bow Scissors:
Sharp and pointed, Wide Bow scissors have handles wide enough for comfort, measuring 10 cm (4″).

- Merchant & Mills Long Darners:
 Long needles with long eyes suitable for thick thread or yarn. 10 needles of different sizes in a turned wooden case.
They are the perfect choice for darning your socks and also do a good job of more industrious mending projects. Fits in any bag or pocket.

- Merchant & Mills Metal Sewing Gauge:
Here is the metal sewing gauge with sliding pointer for hem and seam allowance consistency.


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