Shirotake Bamboo Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

La Bien Aimée

Without VAT: €8.25

La Bien Aimée is thrilled to now carry these Shirotake fixed circular bamboo knitting needles, ergonomically designed from high quality materials.

Founded in 1916, Kinki Amibari is the manufacturer of Japan's finest bamboo knitting needles. This authentic Japanese bambo is carefully selected for its felixibility, pliancy, and warmth to the touch.

The swivel joint that connects these needle tips to the lightweight cable allows for fluid knitting, preventing any twists as you work.

We currently have these needles available in 4 sizes (including needle tips):

  • 40cm/16"
  • 60cm/24"
  • 80cm/32"
  • 100cm/40"