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Undercover Otter

Squirm Sock

Squirm Sock

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Introducing the spine-chillingly beautiful "As Above So Below" – a custom color by Undercover Otter, inspired by a horror movie set in the heart of Paris!

It’s the perfect mix of my two favorite colors: yellow and pink! I have been dreaming of pairing it with La Bien Aimée Kumo and Super Sock in Fluoro Morganite, Sunrise and Yellow Brick Road. So perfect!
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This special color is available on the Squirm base, a delicious mix of Merino and Nylon, perfect for knitting socks and garments alike. Whether you're knitting socks to keep you warm on those eerie Parisian nights or crafting garments that capture the essence of the city, this yarn is your gateway to a thrilling knitting experience!

Squirm is perfect for making socks, shawls, cowls and other garments that need a bit of extra cushion. It's also great for knitting or crocheting toys or any other projects that you want to be extra soft and squishy! It is not only soft but also very durable, making it perfect for garments that you want to have in your life for a long time.

 80% Extra fine Superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 400m (437yds) per 100g.

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