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Wandering Flock

Mohair Silk

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La Bien Aimée warmly welcomes The Wandering Flock to its shelves!

The Wandering Flock’s Mohair is so fluffy! With 393 meters for 50g, it contains 80% Mohair and 20% Silk, it is super soft and creates a gorgeous halo when held together with another yarn.

You can also hold it single, for example to knit the ruffles of an Effervescent sweater by Aimee Sher, or to knit a gorgeous Birds of a Feather shawl by Andrea Mowry. We have also been dreaming of holding it double with La Bien Aimée Helix or Felix, to knit a Laulu shawl by Sari Nordlund, an adorable mini shawl with gorgeous cables that’s been on our to-knit list for a long time. It would look so great in one skein of Helix in French Grey held together with The Wandering Flock Mohair in Cosmic Tie Dye, or in Felix Sansa and Mohair in Tutti Frutti! 

Composition : 80% Kid Mohair, 20% Silk.
Weight per skein: 50g.
430 Yards/ 393 Meters.
Lace Weight/ 0.

La Bien Aimée Helix

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