Introducing Silk Tweed, perfect for summer knitting!

Introducing Silk Tweed, perfect for summer knitting!

I am delighted to announce that La Bien Aimée’s brand new base is finally here! Silk Tweed is a light fingering weight made of 100% Silk noil. It offers 250m / 273yds for 50g. Silk Tweed is perfect for all your summer knits! Now that June is here, you can feel the first hints of summer in the air. It makes me want to cast on light summer tops and breezy shawls. 

This yarn is gorgeous and luxurious. Because it is precious, we only have limited quantities of it. So we are offering it as a dye-to-order. This means we haven’t pre-dyed it and we will dye exactly what you order. The only thing this changes for you is that you will need to exercise a little patience and allow us 1 to 2 weeks to custom dye your yarn especially for you.

 Whether you like bright fun colors, moody blues, vibrant greens or tweedy pops of color, Silk Tweed comes in a gorgeous palette of La Bien Aimée colors! Made of silk noil, it has a slightly irregular thick and thin aspect. It knits up beautifully and is really versatile. It is perfect knit on its own on a 3mm needle, or held double with Mohair Silk or Kumo on a 3.5 - 4.0mm needle depending on your gauge. However you choose to knit it, Silk Tweed will create a beautiful drapey fabric.

Silk Tweed is made of 100% Silk Noil. You may be asking yourself what exactly is Silk noil. 

Silk noil,  also known as ‘raw silk’, is made from the waste fibers inside the cocoon. Once spun, these small bits of broken fiber create this really interesting nubby matte texture that gives the tweedy aspect and feels like a really soft cotton. Silk also has lots of amazing properties: it is very breathable, yet warm, it keeps moisture away from the body and is perfectly comfortable to wear next to skin.


 Need pattern suggestions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Click on this link to see the Ravelry bundle which contains lots of gorgeous patterns that would be perfect to knit in Silk Tweed!

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