LBA Fantastitch KAL

LBA Fantastitch KAL

Credit photo: Darren Smith / Stephen West

We are so excited to announce our La Bien Aimée  Fantastitch KAL!! Starting on May 20th (my birthday!), we would love for you to join us in this relaxed knit along. If you've already started your shawl during Stephen West's Slip Stitch Along, no problem! The more the merrier. All we ask is that at least 75% of your yarn is La Bien Aimée. The thread for the knit along is already open on Ravelry, we have been busy chatting away over there... You can find the pattern for the Fantastitch on Ravelry here

In addition to our three original kits, we are happy to offer three new kits some of our staff have come up with. Justin came up with a bright and bold jewel-toned palette mixing some of our greens (Lush, Seaglass and Paon) with purples (Gaji and Anemone on Kumo), as well as some neon for a fun color pop (Fluoro Morganite and Buzz). 

Zach went for a graphic moody combo using some dark neutrals (Ash and Winterfell) with some light color pops (Yellow Brick Road, Vespa, Dawn and Ghost). Kitsune just ties it all together! 

Julia is showing her love of pinks and purples in her palette (Sari and Fluoro Morganite, Madeleine and Anemone) with a touch of mint (Seaglass). Bleu Royal provides a dark pop and Doe comes in as a neutral. 

 We hope you will join us! We see it as an opportunity to connect with each other in the knitting community / We have been feeling the need to cast on something fun and happy and to connect with each other in the knitting community. After these long dark weeks, let's put some happiness on our needles! 

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