Let's go monochrome!!

Let's go monochrome!!

I’m very happy to bring you the Noir & Blanc collection this week. I think black is probably the color that I have received the most requests for over the years. I always refused because I had so many other colors in mind. But, recently, as I was planning new colors and yarns to expand our range, it did feel like a true black and white were missing.

Noir is a dark and deep, plain black, exactly like I imagined it. Blanc is a luminous white, with slight hints of cream, depending on the base. Noir & Blanc come on a wide range of best-selling La Bien Aimée yarns, like Allure, Merino Bouclé, Cashmerino, Big Kumo, Merino DK and Aran, Silk Tweed, Kumo, Merino Super Sock, Sport Nouveau and Volute.

When I started planning this collection, I thought about all the accessories that I wanted to knit in Noir & Blanc. So I went back in my extensive to-knit list and found Batad by Stephen West. I knit it using Twist Nouveau and Little Kumo. 

Using black and white creates a very chic and timeless look, while being super strong and graphic. I'm imagining wearing all my rainbow dresses with Noir & Blanc garment and accessories. Check out our Ravelry bundle for lots of black and white knitting inspiration! 

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