Meet Nightfall, our new Corrie Confetti color!

Meet Nightfall, our new Corrie Confetti color!

Please welcome our brand new Corrie Confetti color, Nightfall! This color is based on La Bien Aimée best-seller, Winterfell, and is a very dark blue base with fun neon color threads. This dark and moody Confetti may be our most popular color yet! Winterfell is one of our Game of Thrones inspired colorways, it's a dark teal blue. Once spun with some of our most colorful yarn bit, this Corrie Confetti color came out as a dark navy blue. 


Corrie Confetti Nightfall


Match it with Mohair Silk in various colors to skew the color in different directions. Winterfell intensifies the dark teal tones and matches the base color almost perfectly. Amege brings in a much more vibrant blue note. Alcide Herveaux will turn your fabric an even darker navy blue, and Fog will make your handknit charcoal grey! Any of our other blues will add beautiful shades to your fabric, such as Nebula and Isle of Arran


Corrie Confetti Nightfall with Mohair Silk


Corrie Confetti has been one of Aimée's passion projects for the last year or so. A brand new yarn, it is a one of a kind limited edition yarn comprised of a mix of recycled natural fibers that include upcycled La Bien Aimée yarn and custom dyed Falkland Corriedale. This new yarn came from the idea of wanting to recycle some of our yarn waste and beautiful colorful yarn bits, as well as the waste that comes from spinning our very own Corrie Worsted. Aimée added in 50% custom dyed Falkland Corriedale to the mix and that’s how Corrie Confetti came to be! 

Nightfall will be available on our online shop Monday March 28th at 3pm Paris time. Quantities are limited, so we can't guarantee how long it will stay online. 

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